The Whole & A Part

There is a belief that liberation from material bondage is merging our individuality to become one entity- to essentially become God.

The belief states that because we are spirit souls- qualitatively the same with the Supreme, we are God ourselves.

However, the validity of such thought is questioned. How can God be under the influence of illusory material energy? If God were ever entrapped by His own illusory energy, than that energy would be more powerful than God. And how can this be the case if by very definition God is all-powerful?

As we can see from the scene above, the part clearly is unequal to the whole, and put into context of our own precarious situation- we (living entities) are spirit souls, the same in quality with God, but not in quantity; mere spiritual sparks of the Supreme cosmic fire. Equating the individual self with God, who is the complete whole, is to be confused. We would not equate a thread from a blanket to the blanket itself.

Jessica Robbins

Jessica is a regular contributor to "16 Rounds to Samadhi". She makes custom designed cakes for her catering company "Karma-Free Bakery", and is a multi-talented artist.

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