Weight Loss: A Fool’s Objective

Why is everyone trying to lose weight? Flip on the television and watch the endless slew of infomercials glorifying diet pills, exercise equipment, and surgery to peel bacon off the backs of Americans. After all, why not? We’ve gotto be the fattest country in the world, between the processed, toxic, nutrient-poor, fast foods we inhale compounded by a sedentary lifestyle.  Our dietary choices almost guarantee that we will end up with some chronic disease like diabetes or the top two killers annually, cancer and heart disease. “Do more exercise,” is the popular mantra of our government and medical community and count calories. A slew up misinformation preys on our ignorance. Don’t eat those nasty carbs! Fat Free! Low Fat! Calorie Free! These all fail because they ignore the sad truth: most of what we eat isn’t really food. What? You mean, Gogurt, Potato Chips, Frosted Flakes aren’t food? Look at ingredients; do you even know what you’re eating? Well it must be safe if everyone does it, Right? The fact is that most Americans have 5th grade understanding of nutrition and only 6% of medical doctors have any training in regards to the effect of food on the body, according to the documentary Food Matters (2008).

Nutritious organic foods are the simple solution to both the American health and Fat Crisis. Could it really be that simple? If we all ate fresh organically grown foods instead of chemically processed foods “we just might have an epidemic of health,” says Dr. Andrew Saul a nutritional specialist in natural healing and assistant editor to the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. The Hippocratic Oath medical doctors take pledges them to, “Do no harm,” but ignores the second part the father of medicine said; “Let your food be thy medicine.” The foundation of keeping healthy is in to eat healthy. This is where the medical profession and consequently this country have lost their way.

As I mentioned before, most American has a child’s understanding of nutrition and its importance for leading a healthy life. We’d rather enjoy our deep fried ice-cream and soda and reap the whirlwind later in life. Never have human beings been this fat, unhealthy and not six feet under.  All this stressing on losing weight has clearly failed in its effect because we are not solving the real issue. Obscenity and horrific chronic diseases like cancer are directly related to the daily ingestion of processed, inorganic foods. According to the Gerson Therapy, disease is caused by Toxicity and Deficiency. If you eat food lased with chemical additives that are toxic to your body combined with foods inadequate in their vitamins, minerals and nutrient content, your body is stripped of its ability to protect itself against disease. Dr. Dan Rogers a medical doctor who implements the principles of Gerson protocol likens the human body to a building. “How do you expect your building to last for 100 years if you build it with garbage?”

Because our government and medical community has failed us miserably in their duty to protect us from hazardous food substances, either due to ignorance or the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries’ thirst for your patronage, the responsibility of being healthy falls to you.  Abandon the misbegotten objective of weight loss and instead strive to be healthy. Take this from a man who was 290 lbs at 17 and has battled weight up until recently. The easiest way to apply this to your life is to only eat organic foods. You can find quality foods at your local farmers market. I’ve found the Gerson Therapy works best for me. Although it has been proven to rapidly cure most diseases known to mankind especially cancer, and has an outstanding success record astronomically higher than radiation and chemo therapy, it also functions as a powerful platform to lead a healthy life. Read, Healing: The Gerson Way by Charlotte Gerson with Beata Bishop 2010, a masterpiece that if applied will, in my words, guarantees boundless happiness, health and well being. Get a real nutritional education by watching eye-openers like The Gerson Miracle (2004), Food Matters (2008), Food, Inc (2008), and Killer at Large (2008). All these movies can be streamed on Netflix account. You will find the truth about the American Health Crisis, and a simple pathway to healthy lifestyle. It’s your life, make spectacular.

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