All 16Rounds staff are volunteers. They are not paid. All proceeds from ad sales go solely for covering the costs of printing and distribution of this publication.

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AD RATES – Color

Dimensions & Layout

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16Rounds accepts display advertisements created on Mac and PC computers. If you have a question regarding file format compatibility, please call us at 858-405-5465 or EMAIL us.

Acceptable File Formats: JPG, TIFF, EPS, & Print Quality PDF.

– Please convert all color images and illustrations to CMYK color mode and all black and white images to Grayscale.
– All images need to be 300 pixels/inch.
– Vector EPS files should have all type converted to outlined artwork.
– Files can be mailed/delivered on CD or emailed.

For Your Information

16Rounds is published six to eight times a year. Minimum circulation is 15,000 per print. Additional copies are printed per demand.

16Rounds is available at over 600 locations throughout San Diego county.

16Rounds art department can help you design your ad at no additional cost.

All orders and artwork need to be submitted to us at least ten days before printing. For example, for the March issue you need to submit your order and artwork at least ten days before March 1st. We recommend reserving your ad space as early as possible before it gets sold out.


We charge no extra fees for the back page, inside front page, and inside back page. They are given to those who reserve them first.


We can not advertise unnecessary animal cruelty. We stand by the same principle regarding alcohol and tobacco. The purpose of this publication is not to make money, but to promote goodness and well-being.


To make a payment go to

For all other info call/text Mahat at 858-405-5465 or contact him by EMAIL.