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These are what I thought to be the wittiest comments on the photo I posted on my FaceBook page. The photo was taken by Rod Hamidi, at an art gallery installation of Andy Warhol’s work in Los Angeles. The woman in the television is Ultra Violet, one of Warhol’s superstars.

Mahat: Old person talking to a young one: “What I once was, you are. What I am, you will become.”
Tulari Gerry: No matter where I go, there I am…
Nirmal Patel: Looks like a TV that predicts future.
Leslie MacPherson: Flat screen, flat screen on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Mahat is the editor of "16ROUNDS to Samadhi." Born in 1975 on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. Monk since the age of 20. Moved to Los Angeles in 1999. Moved to San Diego in 2004. Living in Berkeley since October of 2013.

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